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“Cold Engine Start is a sumptuously produced album full to the brim with great songs, and as a debut album it’s tremendously impressive. If Reveller can keep on going like this then they have a great future ahead of them.”


Krenten uit de pop

“Reveller is another band we can be proud of. Very proud. A cold engine start is not always easy, but Reveller’s starts with ease from the first turn. Ken Stringfellow saw it immediately; now for the rest of the Netherlands.”



“In the past few years, a sparkling guitar talent has quietly emerged.”



“Atmospheric songs and catchy singles effortlessly intertwine on this album. Reveller: remember the name.”


In de ban van

“With their debut release, Reveller have made an album that most bands can only dream of making once in their careers.”


Serge Julien/Good Dayz

“With the band Reveller, the Netherlands have a pop-rock group to drool over. Their debut album Cold Engine Start drips with international allure, and the impressive songs can hold their own with the work of big names like Snow Patrol, The Editors and David Bowie.”